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How we handle Press Requests and Interviews

New research and incidents in the field of cyber security are happening all the time. We at scip AG have to deal with such topics on a daily basis. Sharing this kind of information is essential to bring our industry and society one step forward.

Since scip was founded back in 2002 we have worked with houndreds of journalists of different media outlets as experts and interview partners. This includes but is not limited to well-known outlets in TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers:

ZDFWDRRTL ⋅ Schweizer Fernsehen ⋅ NZZ ⋅ Tages-Anzeiger ⋅ Aargauer Zeitung ⋅ 20 Minuten ⋅ Watson ⋅ Le Matin ⋅ Heise ⋅ PC Magazin ⋅ PC Tipp ⋅ hakin9 ⋅ Bild ⋅ Blick

How to contact us

If you are interested in a professional exchange with one of our specialists, please contact via email to, phone at +41 44 404 13 13, or the contact form.

Please provide a quick summary of events and/or the goal of your research so we may dispatch your inquiry to the responsible team.

What we do provide

What we do not provide

Level of Professionalism

scip AG is commited to treat all vendors, manufacturers, partners, and customers equally. We provide the highest level of professionalism to help to defend against malicious exploitation and abuse of security issues. We expect the same level of cooperative professionalism from vendors, manufacturers, partners, customers, and press alike.

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