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OpenAI ChatGPT

OpenAI ChatGPT - Our New Playmate

Executable Categorization

Executable Categorization - How To Quickly Look Inside An Executable

USB Armory Drive

USB Armory Drive - Portable Mass Storage Encryption


Seccomp-bpf - Use Syscalls Filters to Contain Containers

Sandboxing Containers

Sandboxing Containers - Run Untrusted Code in a Container

SQLite forensic's notes

SQLite forensic's notes - Make sure Delete is Delete


Microsoft365DSC - Monitoring the Desidered State of Microsoft 365

Office 365 Teams Security

Office 365 Teams Security - Securing the Central Communication Hub

Phishing Protection

Phishing Protection - SPF, DKIM, DMARC


Logging - Using Timeseries Database

IT Security Policies

IT Security Policies - What We Expect From You

Data Breach Databases

Data Breach Databases - Lot of Incidents, just few Data

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